Penny and Polaroids Meets.. Printemps Breeze

I have decided to do a few interview posts with some fellow bloggers. I love when blogs I follow post interviews as I think they are interesting to read but also they are a great way of being introduced to new blogs. I think it’s a great way to introduce other blogs to readers that perhaps don’t follow many blogs and to some of my non-blogger Facebook followers.
First up we have Stefania Ghionea of Printemps Breeze. I myself am a quite new reader of Printemps Breeze after discovering Stefania’s looks on Lookbook. I love her ultra chic yet quite laid back style. She also posts amazingly well put together collage posts, she has a great eye for street looks. So here she is….
Day to Day Outfit?
Piece of Advice?
Always be comfy and yourself
Quote or Lyric?
A funny one I just saw discovered one of those days: “what would Blair Waldorf do?”
My Iphone
Fashion Magazine?
Harpers Bazaar
Your Timeless Classic?
My Dr.Martens boots
Fashion Era?
Fashion Icon?
I don’t have one. Or maybe nature!
What is you perfect day?
Friday lol.

Blogs you follow?
Sea of Shoes, net-a-porter magazine,
style by kling

What is the inspiration for , and aspiration of, Pintemps Breeze?
Everything that is made of good fabric, quality people, great cities, amazing photography and life itself.

Follow Stefania: Twitter: @stefaniaghionea, Instagram: @stefaniaghionea & Lookbook



  1. October 21, 2012 / 1:06 pm

    great interview, I’ll definetly be checking out Printemps Breeze

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