Penny and Polaroids Meets.. The Licentiate

 “The Licentiate blog is stylish and intelligent; relishing views of fashion and its inhabitants with humor, kindness and honesty.” In New York Paris Tomorrow.
The Licentiate is a ‘style in culture blog’ by writer Sarah Waldron. The Licentiate is not a usual blog on my reader’s list as Waldron does not post outfit post, she writes, and she knows fashion. Yet her blog is not exclusive to tales and musings of the fashion industry. Her posts are comprised of, well anything; commemorations to style icons such as Anna Piaggi and Marilyn Monroe, a piece of jewellery which belonged to her grandmother, a funny story of her and a friend, and one of my favourites, an article solely praising pockets.
The Licentiate consistently produces remarkably well composed posts of literature and black and white photography. Waldron avails of amazing, and almost unbelievably relevant, vintage photography that you would wonder how she even sourced them. Even the shortest and simplest of posts are brilliantly put together, all the while making me imagine she wrote it with a two second thought with while making a mug of tea. Her writing is effortless yet inspiring.
Waldron is witty, fashion-competent and uniquely clever. Read her interview below, you’ll like her..
            Day to Day Outfit? 
            Black boots, black jeans rolled up to the ankles, a t-shirt (more than likely black, let’s face it)
            shouty statement jewellery, whispery statement jacket or coat.
                     Piece of Advice? 
            Work hard and be nice to people.  If you do nothing else, at least do that.
             Quote or Lyric?
             “I’m never going to be famous.  My name will never be writ large on the roster of Those 
             Who Do Things.  I don’t do anything.  Not one single thing. I used to bite my nails, but I
             don’t even do that anymore” – Dorothy Parker
             Incredibly shallow, but it’s my phone.  It’s my link to the world and all of my favourite
             Fashion Magazine?
             British Vogue.  I really love the arts coverage and More Dash Than Cash is usually pretty 
             good too.
             This is a bit of a cop out, but Bloglovin’ is great for aggregating all my favourite fashion  
             content in one place.  For non-fashion stuff, I love How To Be A Retronaut (
            Your Timeless Classic?
            A Casio A168WG-9EF gold-plated digital watch.  I’m not sure if digital watches will ever be
            classic but this one come closest to it.
            Helmut Lang
           High Street Store?
           Fashion Era?
           So hard to choose, but I’d say the Sixties purely because there was so much going on with
           Mods, Youthquakers, Hippies and the fashion seen through the lens of Diana Vreeland, who
           edited American Vogue during the decade.
           Fashion Icon? 
           Anna Piaggi
          What is your perfect day?
          One that involves good company, good food, a roaring fire and the possibility of general
          What are your three favourite blogs you follow? 
          Honesty WTF ( for their amazing DIYs, Love Aesthetics (love
 for Ivana’s mad personal style, Disney Roller Girl
         ( for a style insider’s view on the fashion industry.
         What is the inspiration for, and aspiration of, The Licentiate?
         Inspiration – My blog draws a lot on the women in my family and the past, but also on the place
         of fashion in the wider arena of culture and feminism.  Also, there are pretty pictures and
         frequent fashion book reviews – books are a serious passion.
         I don’t really aspire for my blog to be anything other than what it is – I just hope that people
         keep reading it and (hopefully) enjoying it.
         Follow Sarah Waldron.. thelicentiate.comFacebook, Twitter , Instagram @the_licentiate

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