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All pieces are avail;able now  from Missguided, with the exception of the bag (Topshop) and the watch

and bold rings (Michael Kors)

I spotted this sleeveless duster from Missguided a few weeks ago and had to have it. I love sleeveless gilets and especially love the length of this one. Black ripped jeans are a definite staple of  mine, they go with everything. I love the nonchalant yet cool vibe they give. I have a pair from Primark which I ripped myself on one knee but I love the rips on these which still have the threads intact, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t manage that myself. If you are thinking of ordering them they come a little big so I would recommended ordering a smaller size, the same goes for the leather-look bralette. I also love the cute heart ring and the nail and heart bangle.

I have just spent my morning on a two hour walk with my mom and dogs along my local beach, I’m loving this weather and couldn’t be happier it’s Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend, meanwhile I’ll be shooting a couple of more looks for you all to see next week

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