July Beauty Favourites

July Beauty Favourites-001

In Transit Camera Close-Up, This Works // Baby Oil, Johnson & Johnson // Facial Powdered Exfoliator,

Indeed Laboratories // Gelly Nail Paint in Sugar Apple, Barry M

At the beginning of the month I began researching a really great facial exfoliator. I read a few great reviews about Indeed Laboratories Facial Powdered Exfoliator from some very reputable websites/blogs. It’s very important to exfoliator your face for a really deep clean from time to time, but as the skin is far more sensitive on your face, it’s important to use something that won’t irritate it. This particular exfoliator is an enzyme micro-powder which you mix with water to create a lather and buff it into the skin. Thus, it doesn’t have a coarse texture like most exfoliators meaning it’s much gentler on the skin. It aims to exfoliate, brighten, plump and sooth skin, and as far as I’m concerned it ticks all those boxes. As with any products, not all exfoliators suit all skin types but this is certainly my favourite. 

Another product that has been receiving raving reviews as of late is this In Transit Camera Close-Up by This Works (the title is quite a mouthful!) It’s essentially a mask, primer and moisturiser all in and Victoria Beckham loves it, sounds good to me! All of the main ingredients are water based which makes it very moisturising. The ingredients such as Aloe means it acts as a mask, not in the traditional sense but in that it brightens and plumps skin and it also help keep your foundation stay put for longer. It’s already one of my makeup bag essentials.

Baby Oil has been a beauty essential for me for so long now, there really is nothing like it for achieving soft skin. Lately I have found another great use for it however. I have also known it’s great for removing eye makeup remover but I have just recently started using it to remove fake tan and it’s so good. I apply it before jumping in the shower and it makes taking tan off way quicker.

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