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I received this clear cosmetic organiser for Christmas and it’s the best thing to ever happen to my dressing table, I had to show you all! I must admit when I first starting seeing these organisers I initially thought they looked quite cheap and that they were hugely overpriced! The ones I kept seeing were just a plain box of clear drawers and / or with pink rims, they just weren’t my style and I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. However, when my sister purchased the above style, I immediately wanted it. I was very happy on Christmas morning when my sister had gotten me my very own. I think it’s really sleek on a white dressing table and once you see everything in place and how I easy it is to find everything, you too will be converted. What I love about this one is not just the sleek look but it’s compartments. It has two big drawers and then a bunch of open compartments on top which are all the perfect size, literally everything fitted in perfectly for me. Mine is very full (this isn’t even all my makeup and I don’t know why I have five full foundations!), and it looks quite cluttered the way the picture is taken but it’s actually not. It’s very easy to find everything.

We’ve all seen similar styles to this before and they’re hugely popular but I think paying between €150-€200 on an acrylic makeup organiser is crazy! I think this style is much nicer and more useful then just drawers. Muji also has similar ones to these but they are also more expensive quite small. Mine is from Home Store & More and it was around €50! They’re sold out on the website at the moment but make sure to check your local store and keep an eye on the website. There are smaller ones available on the website at the moment and they’re really cheap too, you’ll find them here. Alternatively, I have listed a few different styles below which I was able to find online. I would recommend searching online before spending a fortune as there are so many out there.


The compartments are really well designed. I have one compartment for my primers along with highlighters, one for foundation and concealer, individual compartments for 12 lipsticks, a large shallow compartment for bronzer, powder and blusher, a compartment for eyes and brows, a compartment for eyeshadow brushes, a compartment for lip and eyeliners and two compartments for my face brushes. In the first drawer I have larger powder, bronzers, blushers and highlighters I don’t use everyday along with a few more brushes. In the bottom drawer I have eyeshadows, contour palettes, pencil toppers, eyeshadow primers, tweezers and more lipsticks and lip glosses.

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  1. February 12, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    Awesome looks exactly like the expensive one! Siobhan xx

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