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GiGi New York / Graphic Image 

Nothing gets me excited like some monogrammed stationary! I discovered GiGi New York (a parent company of Graphic Image) last summer and I immediately began choosing my 2015 diary. I adore monogrammed pieces, especially when it’s great quality monogrammed leather. Both the above pieces were actually gifts from Graphic Image, I was invited to be offered the choice of a couple of products from a brand I really loved. I had initially requested this journal in December but it was unfortunately sold out until recently, hence the belated diary post in February! There are many styles and colours to choose from but I had my heart set on this particular one in black so I held off. I also had to wait for the phone cover to come available for iPhone 6 so it worked out, and they were surely worth the wait. I love both pieces, they’re very chic and classic.

The items are meant to be monogrammed with your initials but I thought it would be nice to have ‘Penny and Polaroids’ and ‘P&P’ on them instead. It feels very surreal to have branding on something like this (even if it is something I’ve chosen myself!) Both my journal and my phone are my daily essentials for blog related work so it seemed like a good fit, I know myself the branding will motivate me to work harder and dream bigger each time I look at them.

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  1. February 16, 2015 / 10:29 pm

    Ah they’re both beautiful. The iPhone case stands out with the P&P though! Well wear

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