Thankful for 2015.. Ready for 2016.


2015 was a lot of things. It encompassed new beginnings, exciting achievements, good fortunes, good company, new friends, good times with old friends and a lot of hard work. 2015 has been the busiest year of my life. It has involved tough decisions and sacrifices but ones that I can be proud of. 2015 marked the year I first launched a travel section of my website and had the opportunity to travel and explore.

I love New Years, not because I like New Years Eve but because it reminds me to be grateful for the year I have had and because I love a fresh start. New Years is especially exciting for me as it falls just four days before my birthday. So each year I look forward to a new calendar year and being yet another year older. I’ve always been a positive person but there’s something that’s making me even more excited than ever for 2016. Stay tuned to see what I get up to, it’s going to be a good one!

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