Summer 2016 Travel Plans


First stop – The French Riviera



So the first trip of the summer to the French Riviera next week. I am unbelievably excited for this trip because it’s been on my list for years. We’ll be staying in Cannes and visiting Nice and Monte Carlo / Monaco also and maybe a few of the smaller villages on the way. We’re staying in a Mimozas Resort Cannes which looks really fab. It’ll be a really relaxed trip and all of our time will be spent just exploring all of the cities and villages so I’m really excited. Be sure to follow the trip on my Instagram @nualagorham, Facebook and Snapchat (my username is ‘nuals‘).

The Maldives 

Villas on the green tropical beach with steps into water

So this is certainly the most exciting trip  –  we’re jetting off to the Maldives in July and I honestly cannot believe this is really happening. It’s a trip of a lifetime and I am beyond excited. First and foremost I do want to disclose this trip is partially sponsored. I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to go on a trip like this as part of my travel blog. We’ll be staying in two resorts in two different islands for the duration of the trip so we’ll have a little over a week in total.


Dubai Coastline


And lastly, we’ll be visiting Dubai for a couple of days on the way home from the Maldives. If you guys have any recommendations for places to visit in any of these places please let me know either in the comment section below, or comments on my latest post on Instagram and Facebook or Snap me.


Until next time,





  1. June 21, 2016 / 9:27 am

    Have an amazing summer of traveling Nuala! I recently got back from a trip to Dubai and absolutely loved it – there’s so much to do! Of course I blogged about the trip too, here’s a link for one of the posts 🙂 Hope it’s of help! X

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