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I teamed up with the watch brand Cluse to style and shoot one of their watches for their most recent campaign, Sunkissed Times. This is my second Cluse watch and I’m honestly so happy with the quality.  I think they look more luxurious than you  would expect for the price – they are very affordable!  As this was a summer campaign and I wanted a style that would go with most of my summer looks and chose the La Bohème style in rose gold with a pale grey leather strap (here).

  I loved the idea of the campaign which focuses on summer memories from all over the world. For the purposes of this collaboration, Cluse asked me what summer holidays mean to me. Being Irish, Summer unfortunately means short-lived and highly unpredictable. Irish weather is temperamental and for the most part, wet! Rain, wind and low temperatures are quite common throughout Irish summers. But, when the sun shines, there is no place like it. I’m from the a very rural area in the West of Ireland and it really is breathtakingly beautiful on a nice day. The fickle weather means I book holidays abroad most years. This summer I decided to book a very special and exotic getaway to the Maldives which I am in at the moment. I knew this would be the perfect location to shoot my Cluse watch and I love how the grey strap watch looks with my pastel hued holiday outfits. The Maldives is the perfect location to make #SunkissedTimes memories that I’ll never forget.

Cluse Watches (1 of 1) Nuala Gorham Maldives (1 of 1)Maldives travel blog (1 of 1)-2

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  1. July 30, 2016 / 1:04 pm

    Hi Nuala, the watches are actually available to buy in your native Galway.. we are one of the only stockists in the country with the Cluse collection and we also have all the styles available online on so you fan following can still have the option to Shop Local.

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