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You’ll have seen from my New Year’s post (HERE) that I have set out some goals for 2017 which I think is really important and I am more determined than ever to achieve them!
One of my goals for 2017 is to redecorate my office and create the perfect work space for myself. My current office is primarily white (of course) and rose gold and I want to keep the same colour scheme when I redecorate. When I visited TK Maxx I was hoping to find a really nice desk lamp and actually had a hard time trying to decide which to choose. I actually never thought I’d be as excited about a lamp until I spotted the one I had chosen. It weighs a ton and the quality is fab. I also picked up the two candles to match – again they had loads to choose from. I also picked up a cute little tray which will be perfect to throw rings in if I take them off at my desk or any other little bits. Redecorating can be very expensive so I’ll definitely be picking up a lot more in TK Maxx and will certainly be keeping an eye out for a new desk and chair in there as I know I’ll save so much more than if I was to purchase elsewhere whilst still getting great quality pieces. When it comes to homeware I’ll always invest in the best quality but what I love about TK Maxx is you get brilliant quality at a discounted price. They have deliveries several times a week so I’m for sure going to visit frequently to pick up items for my new office space.




I think it’s safe to say I’m officially interiors obsessed given I was almost as excited to find the below tape dispenser as I was the lamp! It’s completely clear with a gold cutter at the end, and again it’s brilliant quality. I picked up stationary containers also to keep my pens, scissors, etc. organised and also a tray which I’ll use to keep my ‘to do’ admin materials in like invoices and receipts. My sister actually got me the gold and white spiral notebook for Christmas in TK Maxx so my new accessories match it perfectly. There are loads of beautiful notebooks and stationary in the store at the moment.



For someone who spends way too much money on clothes and loves designer, I always seem to try and save when it comes to work out gear so TK Maxx is always my first choice. I actually couldn’t believe the amount TK Maxx in Galway had when I went in last week. I know they usually have brilliant stock in January but there was seriously loads and they had everything including outdoor wear, yoga pants, dumbbells, yoga mats, sports bra, loads of different resistance bands and weights, and so much more. I picked up what are already my favourite pair of workout pants ever for €46.99 and they were €80! They’re such a good fit and not one bit transparent – I always check thoroughly! I also picked up a yoga mat, a foam roller and a resistance band with ankle straps.


Price List: 

Lamp: €39.99

Tray: €5.99

Gold and white candle: €5.99

Striped candle: €6.99

Tape dispenser: €12.99

Paper tray and holder: €6.99 each

Resistance band: €8.99

Yoga mat: €12.99

Foam roller: €22.99

Yoga pants: €46.99 (RRP €80)

Visit TK for more or keep up to date with their stock on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Thank you to TK Maxx for partnering on this post. As always, all content is written by me and reflects by own personal views and opinions only. All opinions are 100% honest and genuine. 


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  1. Maria Lyons
    December 5, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    Nuala you make me want to rush into TKMax when I’m looking at your posts, I also love how you always blog about stuff that’s affordable to people like myself, I find myself dying for your snapchats every evening, keep up the good work, thank you as I’m sure it’s very time consuming xx

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