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One thing many of my followers might not know about me is that I have terrible eye-sight and have had prescription glasses since the age of 11. Even though I certainly don’t wear them as much as I should, I don’t mind wearing glasses. But, the one thing I absolutely hate is shopping for new glasses. I’m not even sure why – because I love shopping for pretty much everything else of course! I guess shopping for something to suit your face isn’t as easy as a pair of shoes! I have to admit I’ve outworn many of pairs over the years – I’ve literally had ones that wouldn’t even sit straight on my face at one point because I was would put off shopping for a new pair for as long as I could. 

I find it incredibly daunting to visit a glasses shop and try and find a pair to suit my face out of a selection of hundreds. Which is why I’ve ordered my last two pairs online. I know to many of you that might sounds crazy to choose something to suit your face online but many websites have images of the glasses on a model these days which makes it so much easier. And, it means I don’t get overwhelmed trying on a million pairs until I am quite literally bleary-eyed!

My latest online purchase was made even easier by Vision Direct. The online shop got in touch with me ahead of the launch of their #MyFaceShapeIs campaign to invite me to use their face shape feature to choose a pair. So while selecting your glasses you can refund your search to your face shape – see it here. And for their latest campaign they’re created a widget which generates a pair based on your face shape, skin tone and hair colour – you can see this here.

So the website recommended a brown tortoise frame to suit my colouring and I selected the Jamie pair which were listed within a selection for oval shaped faces and I am so happy with the pair I’ve chosen. I wanted white a big style but I think big styles aren’t for everyone and you really need to find a style that suits your face shape so for me the #MyFaceShapeIs was perfect!


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Thank you to Vision Direct for partnering on this post. As always, all content is written by me and reflects by own personal views and opinions only. All opinions are 100% honest and genuine. 


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  1. Terfew
    March 7, 2017 / 9:39 am

    Thanks dear, I’m actually getting mine done today! x You will like to see more fashion from here.

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