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Things to do in Copenhagen..

Visit one the world’s oldest amusement parks Tivoli Gardens.. 

Whether you’re into rollercoasters or not I would highly recommend strolling around the beautiful Tivoli Gardens. Located directly across from Central Station, the gardens are easily accessible. Be sure to pick up popcorn from the popcorn shop directly inside the first gate! If you’re travelling with children they’ll love this place – or if you’re a big kid like me! You do need to pay into the gardens and more for the rides themselves. 

Climb the steps to the top of the Church of our Saviour.. 

We visited three towers during our trip (I love heights and will also find somewhere to get a panoramic view of the city wherever I go) – but my favourite has to be the Church of our Saviour. There’s no elevators like there are in some of the others so you literally have to climb stairs and ladders and later an outdoor spiral staircase which leads to the very tip of the tower. An absolute must if you visit the city! I can’t remember the entry charge but it was very reasonable.

Have dinner and drinks in Nyhaven.. 

A visit to Nyhavn port is a must. We did so much while in Copenhagen but we spent quite a bit of our time in Nyhavn. We took shelter from the rain in a cosy bunker bar, caught a canal tour, wandered into cute ice-cream shops and had an amazing Italian dinner and drinks quayside in the evening. It’s such an iconic part of the city. 

Take a canal boat trip.. 

There are quite a few canal trips available but we did the one that leaves from Nyhavn port. It brings you all around the city by boat and highlights all the main attractions so it’s great to do at the beginning of your trip as you may see places you’d like to visit during it.

Visit the Cherry Blossoms in Bispebjerg Cemetery..

If they’re in season of course! We spent a morning strolling the park and cherry blossom lined lanes  

Rent bikes.. 

Apparently there are more lanes and bridges for bicycles than cars in Copenhagen! The city is very bike friendly and it’s the perfect way to get around (you can also take them on the Metro). We rented ours from our hotel but there’s lots of places in town where you can rent manual bikes or  GPS electric bikes.

See the Little Mermaid..

We actually saw the Little Mermaid from our boat during the canal tour but you can also take a walk or cycle along the canal from Nyhavn to see the iconic statue. 

Catch a train to Sweden..

There’s a 16km bridge connecting Copenhagen and Sweden so you can visit Sweden during your trip with a quick train ride. The train goes directly in Malmo, a quiet harbour city located in Southern Sweden. If you have more time you can visit Stockholm by train also. 

Where to stay..

We stayed in a really nice hotel, CPH Studio Apartments Hotel which is just outside the city. Copenhagen is a very expensive city so staying a little outside the city can be that bit cheaper and it also has it’s benefits.  Our hotel was near the beach at Amager Strandpark. There was also a promenade which extended all along the coast ideal for cycling. The Metro station was a two minute walk from our hotel and only a few stops to the city centre which was perfect. 

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