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I’ve been going to Therapie clinic for over 8 months now and I can honestly say they’re transformed my skin! I’ve actually filmed a full You Tube video all about the skincare regime that I’ve been using for the past 8 months and all about how I cleared up my skin. The video will be live on my You Tube tomorrow morning so be sure to subscribe to my channel to see that – click here to subscribe. 

One of the treatments which I contribute much of the change in my skin to are the Image Skincare Peels which I had done in Therapie Clinic Galway. I first had my skin consultation last October with Aoibhinn. I’ve been going to Aoibhinn since and she’s honestly incredible. She’s hugely knowledgable and I’ve loved everything she’s recommended. She recommended a course of Image Peels to clear up my skin and also target pigmentation. 

The peels are high-grade cosmeceutical treatments which resurface the skin, therefore improving clarity, tone and texture. I battled with congested skin, milia and pigmentation so they seemed like the perfect treatment for me. They’re also great for fine lines and wrinkles. I booked a course of four peels a few months back and I’m not sure what exactly all of them were but I know I had the signature 4-layer Facelift peel and I had a Lightening Lift Peel aimed at specifically targeting pigmentation. The 4-layer Facelift is packed full of highly active enzymes, glycolic acid and Vitamin C and not only resurfaces and exfoliates the skin but also brightens, tightens and lightens.

The Results..

I found my skin broke out a little bit after the first few peels which I know is a good sign as it’s bringing the impurities to the surface. It wasn’t until after the fourth peel that I noticed a big difference in my skin. I also have to say that I was also using an Image skincare regime as recommended by Therapie throughout this time so I cannot contribute the improvements in my skin to either one or the other but I really do believe the improvements are a result of both the Image peels and the skincare regime Aoibhinn from Therapie recommended. It’s been almost three months since my last peel and I’m thrilled to say the results have lasted. Of course I do believe this is also because of the products I’m using which I think have optimised the effects of the peels but I have noticed big improvements in my skin, particularly in the clarity, brightness and tone. I haven’t any congested skin or milia in months and have had very few blemishes. 

I would HIGHLY recommend a skin consultation before purchasing any items or treatments to ensure you don’t waste any money on products that don’t suit your skin. If you are going for peels they’ll likely recommend products to use both pre and post-treatment in order to optimise the effects of the treatment and I would highly recommend these. I know friends of mine have had just one peel without using the products recommended and haven’t seen the results they hoped for so I would recommend following the recommendations from Therapie – trust me they’re not just trying to sell  you products, they really know what they’re talking about! Since going to Aoibhinn both my Mom and Sister have both gone to her for consultations and treatments and found her to be brilliant too. She’s based in Therapie‘s Galway clinic on Shop St. but I’m sure all of the therapist in Therapie clinics receive the exact same training and are just as good. 

Make up free 

I hope you found the post helpful and if you’ve any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you wanted to book a consultation with Therapie you can call 1890 650 750 or click HERE to get a full list of all of their clinics across Ireland and Scotland. 

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