Summer Denim Jacket | Crescent Necklaces

Jacket, Dress, Shoes, Primark | Sunglasses, Rayban from Shopbop | Crescent / Horn Necklace, Shasabi – here | Bracelet, Shashi – here

Shop the Look..

Shop the Look – Horn / Crescent Necklaces..

I wore this casual summer outfit I wore for a day of meetings and events in Dublin yesterday. I also got to spend the day with my close friend and fellow blogger Anouska who was kind enough to shoot this look for me (she’s also an amazing photography, check out her photography Instagram page here). The entire outfit is actually from Primark – I haven’t done much shopping lately except for popping in to Primark so I feel like that’s all I’m wearing as of late but the collection is just so good! I adore this dress and wanted an almost identical style from Zara but it was actually too short for me so the Primark fit is actually so much better. I also love that it has pockets! 

I have been getting SO many snaps and messages lately asking where the horn or crescent necklace that I always wear is from and the reason I haven’t been linked it is that it’s sold out on Shopbop where I got it but now that I’ve had the time I’ve found the exact style on the brands own website and linked that above and I’ve also linked similar in the widget above which has some more affordable alternatives also. 

I hope you guys find that helpful and enjoy the look! 

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