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As many of you will know, I work full-time as a Speech and Language Therapist well as blogging. I absolutely love working and have no intention of ever not working to blog. However, I do find it hard to manage both at times and often become stressed and anxious about not blogging enough. I’ve spent a lot of time this January considering what I want to do in terms of blogging –  what I want to focus on and devote time to. In all honestly, there are parts of blogging I don’t love and I’m very much aware of the negativity surrounding bloggers or “influencers” in Ireland currently. But I’m not going to discuss this now. One of things I’ve considered for months is whether or not I want to produce content daily on Snapchat or Insta-stories.

Admittedly, I’m not interested in the idea of sharing my daily life as many others do on Snapchat (I’m not a massive fan of Snapchat in general) or sharing anything quite personal for that matter. I feel that I’ve always remained very much an “old school” blogger in that my content has always focused on sharing fashion and beauty inspiration and opinions. I think I’ve put pressure on myself the past while to ‘keep up’ with other bloggers. I find it funny that I’ve put pressure on myself to share more lifestyle content and more of myself (because realistically that’s what has so many viewers hooked to peoples social media and it would likely get me many more followers from the sheer volume of content created alone). Then I hear of other bloggers talking about going “back to basics” with their content as of late.

Anyways, I didn’t intend on rambling but what I did intend to do was discuss the outcome of my contemplations this month. I’ve decided on a very realistic schedule that I’ll be able to keep up. I intend to post one blogpost a week – much like this current one – whereby I show an outfit I’ve worn that week, share links for the look, and also use it as a shopping post to share a particular trend and include multiple alternatives that might help someone looking for similar styles to suit their budget. I also intend to post daily on social media and Insta-stories (possible Snapchat – juries still out so your feedback is welcomed), but share a Style of the Day or product of the day rather than a general chat. Basically, I want to share something that I feel is interesting and that might be helpful rather than tell you what I did with my day, because realistically what I did do is not interesting and I’d much rather spend my day enjoying it and talking to people rather than to my phone. I’d love to know your thoughts on all of this? How do you feel about the blogging industry at the moment? Also, just to add – I’m aware this is all a bit hypocritical considering I use social media daily and I too watch Snapchat stories, etc. but as I mentioned, I’m very undecided about it all and trying to find what works best for me and my readers.

If anyone is still with me up until this point, here are a bunch of alternatives to my Zara biker boots I’ve been living in lately and are sadly sold out. I’ve including a bunch of styles of varying price points. Also, THIS pair from Shopbop are quite pricey but are very similar to mine.

Shop The Look..

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  1. Breda O’Brien
    January 31, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Hi Nuala,

    My view as a user if Instagram is as follows;

    I am 47 years old and I only use instagram for fashion so far as I am seriously trying to become trendy but don’t see it happening any time soon and am always looking for divine inspiration (think I need to throw out every stitch I own. First). Honestly, your insta stories and fashion pictures are sine of my favourites I find them simple and straight forward and at affordable prices. I am not at all interested in seeing what anybody is doing for Sunday lunch etc. And although I have children myself, I don’t want to be flicking through snaps of family days out – unless they are my own. I don’t actually follow many on Instagram but I have already unfollowed some in the last few weeks because of the nonsense they were posting e.g everything they get for free is their favourite?? I’ve no problem at all with bloggerrs getting stuff for free but if you’re saying everything is your favourite or the best then you’re obviously not giving an honest opinion. To be honest I would love to see more outfit snaps on your stories because I really like your style so even if it wasn’t of you wearing an outfit maybe snaps of outfits on other people advising where to buy similar. What I also love is things like when an outfit is posted say jkt, jeans, and top. And then the next week how to make another outfit out of it by changing the jkt to cardigan etc. Because let’s face it that’s what we do with our clothes. I’m not a fan of watching videos of bloggers walking through a store turning over tags. Personally like to see the clothes on a body so that I see how they sit e.g length of sleeves, how low the neck is etc. I think a good idea would be ‘outfit if the week’ and say it included a navy blazer – then show snaps of a few blazers with different shapes and where to buy and the same for the other items of the outfit – I think this is what people want to see when they are looking for inspiratiin from Instagram.

    Don’t change what you’re doing – just add to it. Hope this helps.

    All the best.


  2. February 1, 2018 / 7:43 am

    Social media can take over your life. Share what you’re comfortable sharing in your free time and don’t feel the pressure to post every little details and check for updates. Works well for me!

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