Facial Tanning Serum – St Moriz Radiant Glow

I’m sure you all know by now how much I love fake tan. Wearing fake tan is much safer than tanning naturally and as I live in Ireland, it’s usually the only option! However as we’ve been getting such amazing weather this summer I’ve actually naturally tanned darker than I’ve been in years. You’ll know from my skin care videos that I swear by wearing a high SPF on my face all year round but especially while in the sun. As such, my face is now slightly paler than the rest of me. So I’ve started using the St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Tan Boosting Facial Serum to absolutely love it. You simply add a few drops to your moisturiser and it develops into a really naturally sun kissed glow. I’ve been using it every few nights and I love that I can add it to my night cream and wake up with such a nice glow. The bottle says to use 3-6 drops but as I have a slight base I’ve only been using 2-3 drops every few nights.

It’s available from Boots for €11.99. The price point is brilliant and as I’m only using a few drops I know it will last me for ages.

Thank you to St. Moriz for partnering with me on this post. As always, all content is written by me and reflects my own personal views and opinions only. All opinions are 100% honest and genuine.


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